NO BOUNDARIES DUOBrana & Milivoice, takes its listeners on an exciting journey around the world, through various cultures and music styles.

The leading singer of musicals in Serbia along with the pianist interpret songs in more than 10 languages, by cruising through numerous popular music styles (musicals, rock ballads, Latino ballads, film music, chansons, tango, opera, operetta, traditional music etc.)

The River Cruise Advisor has singled out and rated their performance as one of the four best events, offered by the Lower Danube River Cruising. Karin Leperi, a multi-award-winning travel writer, wrote about them:

“One of my favorite on-board entertainment sessions was the talented duo of Branislava Podrumac (voice of an angel) and Milivoje Veljic (piano). Together they presented a musical operetta of “No Boundaries,” a journey of great songs from around the world in various languages. The AmaCerto invited them on-board to stage the exclusive performance. I was spellbound for hours after their departure. In fact, I still am.”